Our second #MOTHERSINMJ feature is the lovely Eileen Rosete of OUR SACRED WOMEN. Eileen is not only an inspirational mother but also has a background in family therapy. She's a creative entrepreneur with a mission to restore women to a place of reverence through specialty gifts that help women feel seen, valued, and honored.  1. How has becoming a mother altered your daily routine? Becoming a mother and an entrepreneur has made it challenging for me to keep a daily routine since the demands from both roles change on a daily basis. I'm trying to reintroduce daily rituals that help me feel more grounded and that I think will also be helpful to my daughter. Simple things like making the bed in...

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Marida Jewelry is a California based company. As a mother-owned fashion brand, our pieces were created by Marida Adan to be wearable everyday while still maintaining a fashion-forward, minimal, chic and beautiful aesthetic. After having her second baby this year and it's been such a challenging and beautiful journey. We found that there are other mothers who are not only dealing with the same challenges and gift of motherhood but are also creative entrepreneurs. We interviewed some of these inspiring mothers and they happen to also be fans of our California based jewelry brand! Our first feature is wellness influencer and mother, Jessie De Lowe of How You Glow. She shares challenges and gratitude of motherhood, an inspiring positivity and outlook and her dreamy life living on the West...

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We are sharing a bit about ourselves as a company and brand on our blog! Marida Jewelry was born in 2011. Founder and designer, Marida Adan, is from California and was raised in a family who owns a fine jewelry business for over 30 years. Her father, who was known to have the best craftsmanship around town, had taught her the importance of quality and the value of jewelry to a woman. Inspired by her family’s years of bringing confidence and happiness to clients, Marida focused on creating designs to make a woman feel unique and good. Marida Jewelry is a collection made by a small group of craftsmen in California. It is a line of mixed aesthetics—it’s modern with an...

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