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About Us

Marida Ngov is a Jewelry Maker in Long Beach, CA. With a Graduate Gemology degree from the Gemological Institute of America, she ventured to create jewelry that were inspired by nature, minimalistic art, and her parents who were fine jewelry artists themselves. Her collections are a little playful but always timeless.

Although jewelry was always a part of her life as a child, Marida's parents wanted her to pursue a career where she didn't have to work physically so hard and for many hours a day as they have done their whole life. She thought Pharmacy would be the right path. As she completed her degree in Biochemistry at UCLA, she was getting ready to apply for Pharmacy school but there was a feeling inside, a doubt, where she knew this was not the choice she genuinely wanted. Instead of making the practical choice, Marida jumped into studying Gemology and creating her own line. It was a scary yet thrilling moment to follow her heart. 10 years later, she and her parents are proud of this choice.

Found in 2011, Marida Jewelry is a line made with Gold Filled or Sterling Silver. Reliable, easy to care metals that can last a lifetime if cared for properly. Her first few clients who bought pieces from her first collection called and emailed how beautiful and good they felt when wearing their pieces. Since then, she focused on designs that aim to make others feel good and special when wearing her creations.