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Here are some of the ways we have given back. As long as we are here, we plan to grow this list as we understand the power of giving back!
  • With the Khmer Buddhist Relief non-profit organization, we funded two wells to be built in two different poor villages of Cambodia. 63% of all Cambodians have no access to any kind of toilet facilities. Lack of safe water, sanitation or good hygiene practices is one of the biggest issues affecting the health of people in rural Cambodia.  The people of these villages often used muddy water or trek miles to collect clean water and would walk back with the bucket of water on their backs. Reggie Adan is my husband, who is usually right behind me when working on these projects, which explains why the founder of the relief fund thought to include his name too! (better images soon)
  • Donated money and food, including rice, to various family/people with disabilities in Cambodia who aren't getting help with the government. (better images soon)
  • We donated money towards:
    • Meals on Wheels America, Cambodian Children's Fund, Direct Relief, Color of Change, Black Lives Matter, Reclaim the Block, Black Mamas Matter Alliance, Long Beach local relief funds (Rebuild LB Fund and Cambodian Town Relief Fund), Critical Resistance, BIPOC Mental Health Resource Project by Kiara Williams