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Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide. Two options are provided which is regular Post Mail that is affordable and Express shipment with DHL. Custom Fees may apply at your expense. It will vary in different countries how much these custom fees are. We had a wide range of experiences where some countries don’t charge and some do. 

We do not do not provide return labels for international order if a refund wants to be made.


How do you ship?

Currently we only ship USPS First Class. This option will provide tracking for you as well. We do provide DHL option for international customers.


Turnover rate may vary from 1 to 2 weeks. However, we try to stay under 1 week, but this is generally the time for busy seasons. Please message us to get a personal update on your order or any questions about when it will be out. 



How can I return or exchange my item?

You can return/exchange item by emailing We will provide a shipping address for your return. We DO NOT provide a prepaid return label due to the low cost shipping fee we charge. With the package, you should include packing slip you received with the order or a note with your Order Number, email, and name and what you would like to be done, I.E. “Return Item”, “Exchange for new style (mention style name), “Repair Item”, “Please make chain longer”, etc. 

International orders can still be refunded but again return label is not provided by us.

Please email us within 10 days after your package has arrived. Anytime after, we cannot accept returns but we can work with you with exchanges if jewelry is not damage in anyway. 

No returns for SALE items. 


HELP! My jewelry broke! How can I fix it?

Don’t Worry! We can help repair all pieces no matter when you purchased it. Please email and we can help with the process. An image of the jewelry would be nice so we can provide an estimate or what possible repair fee might apply. 


I love the jewelry but I wish it was longer/shorter! Can this be done?

YES! We want you to wear your jewelry comfortably. We try to make our jewelry the standard length but not every women feel comfortable at this length. Please email us at and we can discuss what will work best for you. Fees may or may not apply depending on the changes. 



What metal do you use?

We mainly use Gold Filled, Sterling Silver or Vermeil. We also have some electroplated gems or charms. If anything is gold plated on a base metal such as copper, it will be mention in the description. We try to stay clear from using this too much but a small charm or 2 in a collection could be made with this. Please read description thoroughly. 


What is the difference between Gold Filled and Gold plate and Vermeil?

Gold-filled is constructed in two or three layers. The core metal is jewelers’ brass. A gold alloy is then pressure bonded to one or both surfaces of the brass core with heat and pressure. Unlike plated (aka electroplated or "dipped") metals, Gold-filled is legally required to contain 5% or 1/20 gold by weight. This 5% is then described by the karatage of the gold alloy. Our Gold-filled items are 14kt gold- filled. 14k Gold- filled products are identified as 14/20 Gold- filled; alternatively, 14kt Gold-Filled is also acceptable. This is different from gold plate. Gold plate is a base metal that is dipped in a thin layer of gold. Gold plating will generally wear over rather quickly and expose the brass base product. It does not stand up to heat, water or wear over time. 

Gold plate is not vermeil. Vermeil is a thicker level of gold plating over sterling silver rather than a base metal. To truly qualify as Vermeil, the plating should be a minimum of 2.5 microns thick and always over sterling silver. 


How do I take care of my jewelry?

Gold-filled does not de-laminate or peel like plated or "dipped" products. Nor does it tarnish as readily as silver. Many owners find that they never have to clean gold- filled items at all. However, from time to time your jewelry may become dirty from everyday wear. To clean gold- filled it is best to use mild soap and water. You can also use a jewelry cloth and gently rub the jewelry with this too. Hot weather and water will not damage the material. However, it is best to remove jewelry when you are in a hair or nail salon frequently as the long exposure to harsh chemicals in the air may or may not affect the jewelry. We found some customers never had this issue but had hit one that did. That being said, we never know what type of chemicals are exposed in a salon so we think it is best to keep it safe from it. 

Sterling Silver can be clean with a cloth and/or a silver cleaner solution. Store all jewelry in a box or zipped bag when not worn. 


I tried cleaning my jewelry as advice but it still isn’t as clean as I’d like it. What can I do?

We can help you. 

Gold-Filled should not tarnished. If it looks black or not as pretty as when you first bought it, it might simply just be dirty. We mention some tips to clean in previous care question. But sometimes you would like the result to be even brighter. Please email and we can help clean and brighten your jewelry for a $15 fee. This include shipping for when we return the jewelry back to you. 



Who makes the jewelry?

Marida, founder and designer, designs every piece and quality checks every item. She also works on all the repair and custom made pieces. Marida also works on most production but she hires help when the work load gets busy. The help comes from two women living in Long Beach, who have been with her since 2015. She personally trained these women who now works closely with her during busy seasons.


Where is it made?

Jewelry is made in Long Beach, California. 


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