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Tiny Arch Gallery

One of my favorite thing about making jewelry the past several years was meeting other artists along the way. It is a different connection I feel for artists and makers  because I appreciate their courage and energy to put out their ideas, emotions, and work for the public to see, which can be a scary step for many. I want to keep encouraging all creatives to keep taking space out here on earth. 

I am excited to have a small space, Tiny Arch Gallery, in our Long Beach storefront to help artists/makers creatively put up a show for my hometown city to admire and enjoy. Every 3 months, we feature a new artist/maker. It can be works that are for sale, installations you'd like for people to immerse themselves in, etc. 

 Get to know our past artists HERE.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below and share us your ideas, portfolio, website, IG handle, or simply anything you'd like for us to get to know you.