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Marida Jewelry is a California based company. As a mother-owned fashion brand, our pieces were created by Marida Adan to be wearable everyday while still maintaining a fashion-forward, minimal, chic and beautiful aesthetic.

After having her second baby this year and it's been such a challenging and beautiful journey. We found that there are other mothers who are not only dealing with the same challenges and gift of motherhood but are also creative entrepreneurs. We interviewed some of these inspiring mothers and they happen to also be fans of our California based jewelry brand!

Our first feature is wellness influencer and mother, Jessie De Lowe of How You Glow. She shares challenges and gratitude of motherhood, an inspiring positivity and outlook and her dreamy life living on the West Coast with her husband and beautiful baby daughter, Amelie. 

1. What has been your biggest challenge as a mother?
There is so much about being a new mom that is challenging, but I have been so excited and wrapped up in the love I feel for Amelie that the challenges have honestly felt manageable. I will say that breast feeding has been really hard at times. It is a day to day journey... some days I feel like I’ve finally “got it” and everything is going smoothly, and then the next day I’ll wake up with an excruciating clogged milk duct that makes me want to give up breast feeding all together. Figuring out how to get things done around the house has also been a learning curve. I am slowly figuring out how to put Amelie on a schedule so that our day can become more predictable. 

2. Any tips to entrepreneurial/ working moms starting on their postpartum journey?
Cherish it and don’t rush it. Every single day Amelie changes. I wake up to a new expression, a new roll of fat, a different look in her eyes.. it is all so magical to witness. It can be easy to try to wish away the beginning part because of the sleepless nights and draining days, but I think it really helps you enjoy it if you appreciate how fleeting and special the first few months of your baby’s life is. I get really emotional thinking about how fast it is all flying by. 
3. How do you create or maintain balance in your life?
Having support around you is crucial for any type of balance as a new mom. My husband has been absolutely amazing in helping out, allowing me to get a few extra hours of sleep here and there and some time for myself. Recently we have started to get a babysitter so that we can go to yoga together, which has always been a favorite part of our routine. I think it comes down to asking for help, and remembering to prioritize the things that make you feel good and finding time, even if its once a week. 
4. What is your favorite aspect of parenthood?
EVERYTHING. I am truly obsessed with being a parent. I feel like this experience has opened up my eyes to another layer of what it means to be human. It has definitely opened my heart up even more and made me feel an intensity of love for my baby and my husband on a whole other level. It is incredible to witness first hand how a human being is created, and a true privilege to be able to bring a person into this world. 
5. How has becoming a mother altered your daily routine?
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Well the day really flies by! I am up very early and the night and day kind of blend together at this point, haha. I have to be extremely efficient with my time. When Amelie naps (like right now as I write this), I make sure to do all the things I need to do that require two hands and my full attention. When she is awake, I am typically staring at her in awe :) We go on walks, we play, sing, and a LOT of the day is spent breastfeeding. I am in the process of finding childcare for a few days a week where I can cram my work in, and know that I have the other days to spend entirely with her.
All photos via @jessiedelowe.  

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